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40 Examples Use find Command on Ubuntu

The find is a powerful command-line tool that enables system administrators to locate and manage files and directories based on a wide range of search criteria.

How to Set Up a Node.js Website With Apache on Ubuntu

Apache is the most popular web server. You can also use Apache as a frontend proxy server for backend running applications like Node.js.

How To Install Firefox 70 on Ubuntu

You can install Firefox 70 on Ubuntu from APT repository or by manual download of .deb package and installing from it.

How To Install Ansible AWX on Ubuntu 18.04

It is easy to install AWX on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) Linux system. Use the steps shared below to install and configure Ansible AWX on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux server.

How To Install Node.js 13 on Ubuntu

This guide will cover installation of Node.js 13 on Ubuntu from binary package.

Install draw.io Desktop Application on Ubuntu

In this guide we’ll install Desktop application which is an official electron build of draw.io.

Install and Configure Nginx on Ubuntu

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to install Nginx on your Ubuntu 18.04 server.

How To Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu

sudo is a command-line program that allows trusted users to execute commands as root or another user.

Find Out What Ports Are Listening / Open On Ubuntu

There are different commands on Ubuntu server to see what TCP/UDP ports are listening or open on your server.